Category: Emerging Markets

Category: Emerging Markets


Emerging markets: storm in a teacup?

Is the indiscriminate selloff seen in emerging markets in recent weeks really a replay of 2013’s ‘taper tantrum’ or a...


Why Trump’s woes are a blessing for EM debt

The Trump administration is being thwarted from advancing its agenda while global growth remains solid, says John Peta, head of...


Three reasons why EM debt to retain allure

US dollar-denominated emerging market debt has enjoyed a strong 2017 so far, with the JPM EMBI Global Index returning about...


The EM debt rout that wasn't

Emerging market debt investors are used to quick reversals of sentiment towards the asset class even as longer-term trends suggest...


Is EMD facing a trump slump?

Mario Draghi rattled fixed-income markets last month when the European Central Bank (ECB) president hinted at the eventual unwinding of...


Why voter anger is positive for emerging market debt

The clamour for better economic governance across a number of countries is another reason to like emerging market debt, says...


Emerging market debt to ride out Brexit risks

The havoc wrought by the `Brexit’ vote in the UK last week left no corner of so-called risky assets untouched,...