Category: European equities

Category: European equities


Market Minutes: a unique approach to European equities

How our global equity team’s investment philosophy and process is now being applied to two European funds


Is the bull finally tiring?

The tide might finally be close to turning for European small caps, but there’s still plenty of cause for optimism.


Fundamentals intact

Putting Brexit to one side, the prevailing market backdrop suggests UK small cap investors still have plenty to be positive...


Disruptive thinking

Everywhere you look, young companies are disrupting markets long dominated by incumbency.


The value of changing your mind

“Awareness of one’s own qualms, attention to contradiction, acceptance of the possibility of error: these strike me as signs of...


Holy toast: don’t get burned by seasonal superstition

The human brain is incredibly adept at identifying patterns. It’s what allows us to prove we’re ‘not a robot’ when...


The European tide is turning

Europe’s dog days look to be over. After years of relative stagnation, the backdrop for European equity investors is now...


Why Trump’s defiance of betting markets is good news for active investors

Predictions of recent elections have been wide of the mark, and delving into the reasons why can teach us lessons...


Let’s stick to the knitting

Sometimes politics influences economic factors, sometimes it does not. Former President Ronald Reagan was a great champion of supply-side economics,...


Size matters

Why European smaller companies? Investors are typically attracted to smaller companies as an asset class on account of the fact...