05 Apr 2019 | 45 min


Please join Ian Heslop, head of global equities, and Justin Wells, strategist, global equities, for their quarterly review update call. They will update you on their most recent thinking and analysis, and share their assessment of investor sentiment and risk appetite.

They will explain how the strategies managed by the global equities team are positioned in the current market environment, and as always will be happy to take your questions.

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The new era of “quarantine easing”
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Mark Nash and Nick Wall of the Merian Global Investors multi-sector fixed income team have been highlighting perceived vulnerabilities in...

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Global Equities update – Q1 2019

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Discovering treasure in emerging markets
calendar 06 Nov 2019 | clock10:00 AM (GMT) | time60mn

Please register to join Nick Payne for a webcast in which he will discuss the outlook for emerging market equities...

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Multi-sector fixed income: the dollar in the driving seat
calendar 29 Oct 2019 | clock10:00 AM (GMT) | time60mn

Geopolitical drama, dollar moves, weaker growth and central bank policy divergence make for challenging markets. Join Mark Nash, and Nicholas...