Category: UK equities

Category: UK equities


Embrace the new normal

Spring is in the air. Wakened from their cosy lethargy of the long winter months, Mother Nature’s ‘green shoots’ are...


Not entirely normal

At the time of writing, the yield on the 10-year US government bond (at just over 2%) almost matches that...


The youngsters’ revolution

Most of us had become familiar with Theresa May’s distinctive prime ministerial style in the nearly 10 months she’d been...


The long, lazy days of summer

Having notched up eight successive years of gains since the dark days of spring 2009, stock markets continue to flirt...


Inauguration of Donald trump as president of the United States: the consequences for equities

What will occupy front and centre stage in the first hundred days of Trump’s presidency is his focus on tax...


Letter from America

A campaign which has 'divided the country', brought out the worst in people and played deeply on ingrained suspicion of...


Stock-picking our way through the uncertainty

The opportunity set, both on the long and short side, is as compelling as it has ever been, explains Tim...


Initial reaction: Brexit, or the world’s first “DIY recession”

The UK has voted to leave the European Union. As the initial reaction in financial markets has shown, there is...


Are we nearly there yet?

In December of last year an important document, produced by officials at the Bank of England, was published. In essence...