Category: Global equities

Category: Global equities


Staying true to the data

Why investment is best undertaken by a systematic approach and by looking carefully at the data, says Ian Heslop of...


Growth opportunities abound

It is an age-old conundrum for investors. Should value stocks – shares that typically trade at lower prices relative to...


Emerging markets supported by macro environment

Emerging market debt went through a long overdue correction in February, but the overall macro story remains very supportive of...


Is your income fund as safe as you think?

All is not quiet in equity markets, and investors need to be aware of hidden risks.


The brave new world of investor sentiment

The sharp correction in equity markets in early February 2018 has reignited the debate over what moves markets: rational economics...


The march of the machines

Resist it or embrace it, the age of technological innovation is upon us.


Emerging stronger

The list of reasons for being optimistic on emerging markets just got longer.


Consistent returns in a changing world

A powerful cocktail of economic headwinds, disparities in income between rich and poor, polarisation in beliefs and sporadic ‘lone wolf’...


Avoiding the pitfalls: style bias

Investment style is one of the most important considerations both when understanding the dynamics of equity markets, and when assessing...


Avoiding the pitfalls: making macro bets

In investment, over-confidence about our ability to forecast events can be a pitfall.