Category: Fixed income

Category: Fixed income


Are CoCos a misunderstood asset class?

CoCos (contingent convertible bonds) should be understood in the light of strengthening bank balance sheets over recent years.


Market volatility: managers comment

In the light of recent volatility across world equity markets, three of our leading fund managers offer their interpretations and...


Turkey’s crisis: policy response disappointing so far

Delphine Arrighi comments on the Turkish economic crisis.


Are we looking at Italexit?

Nicholas Wall, manager of the Old Mutual Strategic Absolute Return Bond Fund, Old Mutual Global Investors, considers whether the current...


BoE interest rate decision

Recent weakness in the economic data and Brexit uncertainty saw the Bank of England back away from raising interest rates....


Fed interest rate decision – March 2018

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raises rates 25 basis points, but the changes from the Fed can be best described...


Comment on the annual UK stress tests

The annual results of the UK stress test on the banking system have been released today.


Cautious BoE stokes medium-term risks

The pace of growth in the UK economy has been driven for years almost solely by the increase in labour...


UK banks would welcome BoE rate rise

For over two years Sprott Asset Management (Sprott) has been trying to win control of the management of Central Fund...


The Fed ploughs ahead

This was widely expected; the Fed had wanted to get the process of balance sheet reduction underway before its composition...