Category: European equities

Category: European equities


UK banks are alive and kicking

Analysts’ questions are now much more focused on the business of banking, such as volumes, margins and provisioning rather than...


To hike or not to hike

For a nation that has endured the trials and tribulations of Love Island over the summer, the original unreliable boyfriend...


Investors can celebrate this Bastille Day

Ahead of France’s national day on Saturday, Ian Ormiston, manager of the Old Mutual Europe (ex UK) Smaller Companies Fund...


Actions, not words

Another year, another set of ‘shock’ election results which really follow a well-established pattern.


Disruptive thinking

Everywhere you look, young companies are disrupting markets long dominated by incumbency.


An empty victory for Merkel

So, the headlines focus on a fourth term for Angela Merkel and the first time appearance of the right wing,...


Is France on the march to a new revolution?

French politics have dominated European headlines in 2017. However, the initial cloud cast over the presidential election by the divisive...


Macron storms to victory

The largest political bogeyman of 2017 has been laid to rest following Emmanuel Macron’s French presidential run-off victory over Marine...


Triggering of article 50 - Europe carries on regardless

If the bluff and bluster dominating headlines in the UK is anything to go by, it would be easy to...


Pig ignorant: Why blindness to base rates can hurt investor health

As I opened my fridge and instinctively reached for the packet of bacon, I suddenly found myself hesitating.