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We expect the businesses in which we invest to have a clear purpose, and we hold ourselves to the same high standards.

Our reason for being

As an independent, distinctive and specialised asset management firm, our purpose is to help clients meet their long-term financial objectives and aspirations by investing their assets in a responsible way, and delivering sustainable value to them.

We believe that our clients and their advisers rightly expect us to identify and maintain intelligent and repeatable ways in which to generate investment outcomes that meet their expectations.

We similarly believe that our clients, colleagues, owners and other stakeholders expect us to approach our work in a way that enables us to have a positive impact on society.

We are committed to developing as a business, and to remaining relevant to the needs and expectations of our clients. 

Merian Global Investors Responsible Business Principles

We recognise that in order to fulfil our purpose, as a business we must behave in a responsible way, building and maintaining positive relationships with our key stakeholders.

Our clients

It goes without saying that our clients make our business what it is; our simple ambition is to provide the best possible investment products to meet their current and future needs, and deliver value for money. In pursuit of this ambition, we place them at the heart of the process of developing and evolving our products, and we look to partner with them where possible to ensure we continue to deliver on their expectations. We believe our structure, which eschews a “house view” and the role of chief investment officer – while maintaining an extremely robust risk management framework – enables our fund managers to invest in the ways they genuinely believe best to deliver the outcomes our clients expect.

We provide clear information on costs, charges and performance at the outset and throughout the life of our products. Our clients’ funds are handled securely, and we are committed to providing the quality of service they expect.

We understand the importance of investing alongside our clients to align our long-term interests. A significant portion of our fund managers’ remuneration is invested directly in their own and others’ funds, and we encourage all staff likewise to invest. We proactively manage conflicts of interest that might occur so as best to ensure that we will always prioritise those of our clients over our own.

Our colleagues

As our most important asset we are committed to providing our colleagues with a working environment that allows them to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, and in turn to provide the best outcomes for our clients. Central to this is maintaining an open, friendly, accountable, and ambitious culture, as well as providing opportunities for professional development and support. We maintain an entirely open-plan office arrangement to promote collaboration and teamwork. We take a dim view of egos and office politics.

We place significant emphasis on the importance of maintaining and improving the diversity of our workforce, enabling us both to better support and challenge each other, and bring fresh and innovative ideas into the business. We are proud, for example, that our executive committee has as an equal number of women members as men, reflecting our belief that diversity strengthens the business, and differentiating us from many of our peers.

A culture of accountability and empowerment enables the firm to attract and retain the very best investment professionals, allowing them freedom to perform within a strong governance framework to meet clients’ needs.

Our investments

We never lose sight of the fact that we are a steward of our clients’ assets and strive to fulfil the responsibility that entails to the best of our abilities. We are committed to developing an investment-led, value based approach to responsible investment and stewardship. This involves, in the way most applicable for our various investment processes, seeking to incorporate material responsible investment topics in our investment analysis.

Furthermore, we know our responsibilities extend well beyond the investment decision. For this reason we seek to engage with companies to support and improve performance on important aspects of their strategy, finance, governance and sustainability, and exercise our voting rights at all shareholder meetings to promote accountability.

Our society

We want to exemplify the behaviours we expect of the companies we invest in wherever practicable. This means acting transparently and with integrity, looking after our colleagues, treating our customers and suppliers fairly, managing our environmental impact and contributing to the communities in which we operate. We support a number of initiatives and charities related to our local communities, including those that provide both support and opportunity to disadvantaged young people.

We strive to maintain positive and constructive relationships with regulators in the countries where we operate, and commit to communicating openly and transparently with them. Additionally, we work to ensure that the landscape for long-term savers is as positive as it can be by engaging in key policy consultations.

Our owners

We believe that operating in a way that manages our relationships with these key stakeholders responsibly is the most effective way to create sustainable value and returns for our owners. This includes our staff, many of whom also share in the success of our business through our equity participation scheme, in addition to investing in our funds alongside our clients. In this way, we believe we best ensure alignment of priorities between our business, our staff, our clients and our owners, supporting our and their long-term success.


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While our name may suggest we are a relative newcomer, our roots in fact go back many years.