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Our philosophy is ultimately very simple: to attract and retain class-leading investors, and to support them with outstanding distribution and operational capabilities.

We employ highly talented investment professionals who are independent thinkers, and we do not restrict them with a house view or style. There is no chief investment officer. Instead, our investment teams employ their own proven approach in their particular investment universe, working in the knowledge that they are backed by an excellent operational and distribution capability. While the brand may be a relative newcomer, our investment teams exhibit a level of stability and continuity that is rare in our industry. This is true equally of ‘home-grown’ teams that have developed within one of our predecessor organisations, and of teams that have joined the business since its formation, attracted by the unique environment we have created.

“I’ve always believed that creating a platform for great investors to perform, to deliver fantastic results for clients, but without hamstringing them with a house view should be a winning formula.”

Warren Tonkinson, Managing Director, Distribution

Merian Global Investors  does not seek to be “all things to all people,” not least because we know that by doing so we would dilute – and ultimately lose – the qualities that make the firm distinct from other asset managers.

This approach enables us to focus our efforts and resources on nurturing deep relationships with like-minded partners.

We are committed to being investment-led, and to creating an environment in which the most talented investors can thrive, freed from many of the challenges presented by more established business models. This has enabled us to recruit and retain acknowledged leaders in their fields.


Our culture and philosophy are fundamentally intertwined. Find out more about how we aim to foster the ideal environment for our investment talent to thrive.

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