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In 2012, we embarked on a mission to build a new kind of asset management business. We had a clearly stated objective to be a leader in the markets in which we choose to do business. To achieve this goal, we knew we would need to foster a passion for excellence in both investment and service.

When we talk about our culture, we are referring to something that has been nurtured with great care and attention ever since our inception. For us, culture is not a corporate cliché; rather, it is something that is palpable during a visit to our offices, where skilled professionals, covering a multitude of disciplines, collaborate in pursuit of our goals.

We place considerable emphasis on the importance of maintaining a diverse workforce. Many of the people who have come together to create our business have spent decades working in large, established firms, while others have joined us much earlier in their careers, and from a wide variety of backgrounds. What unites them is a desire to work in a more entrepreneurial, creative environment than that which characterises many asset managers.


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“Merian Global Investors has become well-known for fostering a distinctive culture. I’ve always thought that our flat structure, friendliness and determination to innovate make us stand out from many of our peers. We’re intending to keep it that way.”

Richard Buxton, Head of UK Equities

We believe that our size makes a major positive contribution to our culture – large enough to inspire confidence, but small enough to remain open, collaborative, motivated, ambitious and, perhaps above all, friendly. There is no space for ego or office politics.


We believe that openness and honesty are prerequisites in asset management. This applies equally to our relationships with our clients and with our colleagues.


It is easy to assume that the instinct to collaborate can be taken as a given in an asset management business. However, as many of those who have joined us from other firms in recent years will happily testify, a principal attraction of Merian Global Investors is the absence of ‘silos.’


Visitors to our offices often comment on the sense of energy they feel. Our open-plan set-up facilitates the free exchange of ideas, creating a tangible ‘buzz.’


We make no secret of our ambition to be a leading firm in the markets in which we choose to do business. For us though, ambition must never equate to arrogance; we will never take our clients’ support and custom for granted.


It’s a bold claim to make, but we believe the culture in Merian Global Investors is one of the friendliest to be found anywhere in the asset management industry.


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