The Merian Global Investors global asset allocation team, headed by John Ricciardi, offers investors a flexible systematic approach with built-in diversification. The Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Fund invests directly (rather than through other funds) across four diverse asset classes: equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities.

Unlike traditional global asset allocation funds, which are often constrained, the Merian Global Dynamic Allocation Fund is flexible. It can adjust its allocation to equities, typically between 80% and 20%. It is not constrained by narrow asset allocation bands.

The team’s process combines deep quantitative macro fundamental analysis with decades of lead manager experience. The managers believe that global data is key to understanding market direction, but that without experienced managers interpreting the output, much of this quantitative edge can be lost.

The fund seeks to avoid exposure to harmful business practices and products. Unlike funds which invest in ETFs, the fund buys equities directly. This means it is able to exclude companies based on business practices and products determined to be harmful to the environment and society. Exclusions include industries such as tobacco and controversial weapons, as well as companies causing severe environmental damage, or involved in serious violations of ethical norms and human rights.

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