Category: UK equities

Category: UK equities


A healthy correction

Against the backdrop of recent market volatility, Dan Nickols explains why positioning in the UK mid- and small-cap team’s portfolios...


Britain: You’ve been placed on hold

Richard Buxton, head of UK equities at Merian Global Investors and manager of the Merian UK Alpha Fund, weighs up...


A closing window of opportunity

Expect more activity from the Bank of England as Brexit moves closer to a possible conclusion.


Autumn Budget 2017: Still on the garage forecourt

Automotive quips, support for new, cleaner car technologies, and some deft salesmanship from the Chancellor aside, this Budget was motivated...


Shopping around

Shopping for anything that is in short supply is frustrating. In the world of savings, where interest rates are at...


The youngsters’ revolution

Most of us had become familiar with Theresa May’s distinctive prime ministerial style in the nearly 10 months she’d been...


Triggering of article 50 - phoney war tactics

Logic would suggest that the triggering of such a momentous event, and one which everyone knows is coming, should be...


Hammond’s hardly top gear

The reaction of financial markets to the new Chancellor’s first, and last, Autumn Statement pretty much says it all; big...


Not wholly unexpected

If the Brexit vote taught us anything, it is don’t trust the stock market’s initial knee-jerk reaction to shock news.


Brexit means Brexit: and uncertainty means opportunity

Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. My thinking prior to the EU referendum vote on 23 June was...