European equity markets offer a powerful opportunity set, with a deep, liquid market and a highly diversified economy.

In contrast to funds that are concentrated and rigid in style, our strategy seeks to deliver persistent returns by adapting to different market environments.

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Deep, liquid equity market

European equity markets offer a powerful opportunity set, with a deep, liquid market and a highly diversified economy, into which the completely unconstrained investment style of the strategy allows the team to tap.

Unique investment approach

The team leverages a dynamic and flexible process, including the continuous monitoring of the market, in order to capture inefficiencies and price anomalies across the broad spectrum of stocks in its investment universe.

The power of diversification

The fund’s unique approach to stock selection is designed to make it a good way for investors to diversify a wider European or global equity portfolio. While many style-focused peer funds remain weighted towards certain sectors, the investment team is able to seek out compelling investment opportunities throughout the investable universe, irrespective of the underlying market environment.

Focus on performance

The fund benefits from the investment team’s strong, performance-oriented culture. This is evident across the multiple award-winning strategies already managed by Ian Heslop and team, including the highly acclaimed Merian Global Equity Fund and the Merian North American Equity Fund.

The fund is managed by head of global equities, Ian Heslop, together with two other fund managers – Amadeo Alentorn, also head of research, and Mike Servent, also head of systems. The fund managers are supported by two senior analysts, Yuangao Liu and Matus Mrazik, senior quantitative developer Sean Storey, senior analyst James Murray, and strategist Justin Wells. Ian Heslop holds an MA (Oxon) in chemistry (1993) and has a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Edinburgh (1997). He has over 18 years’ investment experience. Amadeo Alentorn has a PhD in computational finance and Mike Servent holds a BA in physics from the University of Oxford.