Over an extended period, Merian Global Investors has become well known for its expertise in liquid alternatives, aiming to deliver uncorrelated returns across a range of volatilities and strategies.

Merian Global Investors has been managing alternative investment strategies since December 2001. It draws upon significant in-house expertise to offer investors a range of liquid alternatives, each designed to deliver uncorrelated returns. Today, the firm has a total of 30 investment professionals working on alternative strategies. Most of these strategies are accessible through pooled funds.

We believe investors are increasingly realising that alternatives can offer the expectation of reduced risk compared to traditional equity and fixed income funds. Allocating to alternatives can provide a cornerstone for a successful portfolio. Our offering includes capabilities in:

  • Equity market neutral;
  • Directional equity long/short;
  • Global macro; and
  • Gold & silver; 

The strategies aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns while limiting downside, across a range of annualised target volatilities. Our experience managing hedge funds and other alternative funds provides independent risk oversight and strong operational infrastructure.