Category: Gold and silver

Category: Gold and silver


Gold Renaissance

Investors are rediscovering the power of gold in their portfolios.


Golden Years

The landscape for gold and silver investors has changed dramatically this year.


Silver is soaring for good reason

The reasons behind the strong rise of silver during recent months.


Served on a silver platter

As the banks collapsed in the throes of the global financial crisis, some investors dashed for cash while others got...


The irresistible glow of the gold miners

Gold miners have long been that awkward, unwelcome cousin at a family party, placed on the children’s table as far...


Silver’s shining playbook

We are living through very strange times but it’s worth remembering that the Merian Gold & Silver Fund was established...


More than a miner oversight

As equity markets around the world feel the pinch, the oil price tumbles and developed world government bond yields touch...


Beta clockers

Investors can hold physical gold alone, or enjoy the beta benefits of broadening their reach.


Golden bulls

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for gold and silver over the past few months.


What are the reasons behind gold’s bull market run?

The fall in real interest rates, and a new loose monetary policy environment, is good news for the price of...