Developing an investment-led, value based approach to responsible investment and stewardship to best serve our clients’ interests.

We believe that for responsible investment to be most effective, it must contribute positively to our investment processes and outcomes for our clients. For this reason, each investment desk at MGI has its own responsible investment policy aligned with its investment style, guided by our experienced responsible investment team. The combination of this dedicated in-house expertise with the investment performance MGI is known for is our platform for delivering our ambition of excellence in responsible investment.

In order to achieve on this, our activities focus on five key areas:

  • Engagement: we recognise our responsibility as investors to hold the boards of the companies in which we invest accountable for performance. This extends beyond governance to all aspects of a company’s strategy and operations, including its environmental and social performance.
  • Voting: we exercise our voting rights at every opportunity where practicable to re-inforce our engagement with companies, protect shareholder rights and promote good corporate governance.
  • Integration: through the development of proprietary tools and research we aim to gain value-adding information and perspectives on the material environmental, social and governance topics for companies and sectors. This will help us better assess risks and identify opportunities, and should provide us with an investment edge over the market.
  • Risk oversight: a key pillar to our approach is developing independent oversight of the sustainability and governance characteristics of our portfolios through the investment risk function. This ensures that while the investment desks are responsible for the construction of their portfolios, we have a formal governance process in place to monitor and query exposure to environmental, social and governance risks.
  • Public policy: where we identify systemic issues that affect the sustainability of the markets in which we invest we will, either directly or through membership associations, seek to influence policy to address those challenges.

As we continue to build our capabilities our policies and processes will evolve, remaining consistent with our four key principles for responsible investment:

  • Add value for clients: responsible investment must help us make better investment decisions on behalf of our clients, address particular client needs, or ideally both.
  • Quality over quantity: we will focus on the areas where we can have the most impact and that we deem to be most material to our investments and client interests.
  • Authenticity: we will be honest and genuine about our activities, including any successes and challenges faced whilst implementing our responsible investment strategy.
  • Practice what we preach: in line with our responsible business principles, we will endeavour to embody the behaviours that we expect of companies where practicable.

Our views on standards of corporate governance and behaviours that we believe to be particularly pertinent to engendering credibility and trust in boards and management, linked to our key proxy voting guidelines.


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